Craftsmanship down to the smallest calibre. Big ones are no problem either.

Of course you can also come to us if all you want is a small job done well. In this case a small job done extremely well. Or something completely different. From the lengthening of the stock through to any other kind of work that a gunsmith can carry out – you can expect the pinnacle of master craftsmanship. Even the smallest of repair work gets our utmost attention. After all, our job is not to repair clock radios, but to make absolutely sure that your weapon is reliable, reliable and – last but not least - reliable.

Customization and enhancement of hunting firearms

  • Shotguns
  • Break-action
  • Bolt action
  • Triplicates
  • Quadruples
  • Double rifle

Prinz Triplicate

Every Triplicate 3-barrelled “over-and-under” is different and the production demands extraordinary know-how. Each Triplicate is crowned with a finish that could hardly be more individual.


Prinz Quadruple

Our Quadruples are not merely rifles with four different barrels. No, they are the perfection of craftsmanship – for the perfection of the hunter’s craft.


Single-shot rifle Prinz NO.1

Prinz NO.1 combines robustness and stability with a new lightness and ease. The innovative system design has proven extremely durable, even with high calibres.


Impressionen unserer weiteren Waffen

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