Prinz turns common rifles into "bluebloods"

My workshop might not look regal, but I certainly feel that way there. It is my kingdom and from here I manufacture the weapons that my clients successfully take on their hunting trips all over the world.

And where my work ends the work of my colleagues begins. Whether it is the finest engraving work, precious stones on the firing mechanism or whatever else may come to mind  within the meaning of "finishing": Under my supervision we all manufacture guns and rifles for kings, or for those who simply want to enjoy a regal style of hunting.

I am looking forward to meeting you some day in my workshop.

Yours sincerely,
Oswald Prinz

Our weapons are as unique as our clientele. This uniqueness calls for a special approach. That is the only way a hunting companion like our vierlings, break-action drillings or our NO.1 can be created.  In addition to the finest design, all of these guns have one thing in common: they shoot with the utmost precision and extreme reliability. Ultimately, the success of the hunt is in your hands.

Werkstatt Oswald Prinz
Werkstatt Oswald Prinz

Our gunsmith workshop produces pieces that are truly one of a kind. For example, adaptations of the double-barrelled shotgun, over/under rifle/shotgun or triple-barrel rifle/shotgun combination, as well as calibre modifications, barrel shortening, octagon barrels, custom-fitted stocks and much more. Not to forget, of course, the production of our very own development, the break-action rifle NO.1. Have you got an idea, a special wish, or would you like to know what we can do for you? Just give us a call or pay us a visit.

We manufacture special weapons, and not just for exclusive clients.

Allgäu-TV, 2011:
“When wealthy customers make a special trip from Russia or the Arab world to the Allgäu, there must be a special reason – and the reason can be found in the basement of Oswald Prinz in Maierhöfen. The man from Germany’s West Allgäu region manufactures exclusive weapons particularly cherished by Russian and Arab hunters. For our business series, we’ve paid a visit to the gunsmith Oswald Prinz.”

A great deal has changed since that television programme. The “basement” became too small. In 2014, the company moved to a new, larger and much more attractive commercial space. The family business now employs my sons, Alexander and Maximilian, both passionate gunsmiths. Together, we now meet the sometimes unusual wishes of our customers. Perhaps you too will join them!

Entirely customized productions

High quality engravings
High quality engravings

Fine woods
Fine woods

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