Prinz Waffen - upcoming fairs // 2018

Prinz Waffen - upcoming fairs

Neu! Eigener Schießstand direkt am Haus.
Nun können Sie ihre Waffe sofort probeschießen.
Ohne Warterei und lästige Fahrerei.
Unser Service für Sie.

Hohe Jagd & Fischerei // 20.02. – 23.02.2020 // Salzburg
IWA // 06.03.  -  09.03.2020 // Nürnberg
Stabil und wirksam: Der neue PSD (Prinz-Schalldämpfer)!
Fragen Sie uns danach!

NEW! Prinz silencer, .243 to .375 calibre
Now in production. The new PSD (Prinz silencer)
Ask us about it.

Welcome to your last weapon

Of course I don’t know at this point in time just why you happened to call around at my website. Maybe I was recommended to you as a decent gunsmith, or maybe you are expecting quadruplets soon and are looking for information about what is about to hit you. Should the latter be the case then I am definitely the wrong person to speak to and can only wish you all the best.

However, should you be interested in the manufacture of a hunting weapon that is made entirely according to your expectations (and even a bit beyond that) by a master craftsman – well, in that case you are just right with me.

My name is Oswald Prinz. I especially like to make "Quadruples" (4-barrelled "over-and-under" combined rifles and shot guns).

Prinz Triplicate

Every Triplicate 3-barrelled "over-and-under" is different and the production demands extraordinary know-how. Each Triplicate is crowned with a finish that could hardly be more individual.


Prinz Quadruple

Our Quadruples are not merely rifles with four different barrels. No, they are the perfection of craftsmanship – for the perfection of the hunter’s craft.


Single-shot rifle Prinz NO.1

Prinz NO.1 combines robustness and stability with a new lightness and ease. The innovative system design has proven extremely durable, even with high calibres.